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The holiday season is coming up, so that also means that gifting season is upon us! I have curated some really affordable gift sets for anyone who needs some gifting inspiration. Each item is around $10-30. You don’t have to buy the whole gift set. You can totally pick & choose what you want from the list, but the full set is available, should you need it. If you’re interested in any of the items, just click the pictures below & it’ll link you to the specific list online. All you need is to put it into your shopping bag. Did I also mention that this strictly an Amazon shopping spree? Happy shopping!

Sleep Tight Set

Do you have someone in your life that needs a little extra boost to help them sleep better at night? As someone who is constantly anxious before bedtime & wake up in the middle of the night, these items really help me get into the zone. The Good Night Tea is a specialty tea from Korea which always puts me into deep sleep. I hardly wake up at night if I drink this right before bed time. The sleep mask & blush blanket is there for comfort. I am also a huge advocate for lavender. I spray my pillow a couple of times with Lavender Mist & also apply Lavender Essential oils to my forehead, behind the ears & above the collar bone.

Skin Care Set

I always encourage everyone to take care of their skin because who doesn’t want to look forever young?! The most important thing is to take your makeup off after a long day of work, & that means more than just using makeup wipes. I like to go through a more extensive process when taking off my makeup – this specific set of Banila Co Cleansing Balm & Farmacy Gentle Cleanser is a match made in heaven. The other three items are my newest obsession in the Bulgarian Rose Line from Nature Republic. They smell delicious!

Hair Care Set

The hair care products from Nature Republic is hands down amazing. I cannot stress how much I love them. My absolute favourite is the Hair Mask. My goodness it leaves your hair silky smooth after just one use! & it’s only $11. So if you had to pick something from the hair care set, do that one for sure! The Curling Iron I included is the one I use everyday! It makes my hair look like it’s blown out.

An Actor’s Kit Set

Do you know someone who’s a theatre bunny? The book When is a book all about how things fall into place relating to science, which really puts things into perspective when we are facing a hard time with auditions & rejection. I have also included Grether’s Pastilles because every singer needs cough drops before a show! Journaling is also helpful too, whether it be writing your emotions down, or noting down some audition experiences. Or perhaps a set of essential oils for your actor friend to apply on their neck and head before heading into an audition room? Or maybe a steamer for them to warm up those vocal chords in the morning if they don’t have one already? I guarantee they will appreciate you so very much for this set.

Travel Set

Have a friend who is always traveling? Do they fly long distance flights? The Trtl Neck Sleep Pillow is what I bring with me on every flight to Hong Kong. It’s better than the other ones that are a semi circle because this actually gives your neck full support so you can fall asleep comfortably on the plane. The mini Humidifier is one where you can just insert a plastic water bottle in, so it’s very travel friendly. 

Self Love Set

Self Love is a powerful thing. Remind someone you love to take time for themselves during their busy day. I love treating myself to a Tony Moly Face Mask while wearing my cute little Cat Ears headband to get all my hair out of the way. I’ve also gone ahead and included something called The Artist’s Way because I’m actually currently working on it too. It helps a lot with connecting with your inner self and creativity, so if you have a chance, give it a read & do the activities! It incorporates a lot of journaling to unlock those creativity blocks. & of course, it helps to do a facemask while journaling, & diffusing a Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

If you are interested in any of the items, just click the picture and it will direct you straight to the Amazon list where you can add those items in your cart. Happy shopping (◔◡◔✿)

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  1. Alisa
    December 15, 2018 / 11:08 pm

    Hi Viveca!
    I realize many people want more theatre related things and I would like to suggest college audition tips and outfits. I’m a junior and have no clue what to expect and I can’t find much of anything.
    Also do you teach voice or anything? I think you have a BEAUTIFUL voice and I would love to take Skype lessons if you do!

    • vivaaace
      December 18, 2018 / 6:27 pm

      Of course! I’m in the process of writing a “Nail Your BFA Audition” which will be published next week. You are so so sweet my love!

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