November Food Guide

I can’t believe another month has flown by. It’s so close to my favourite month – it’s hard to beat the dynamic duo: Birthday & Christmas! I used to post on Facebook 10 years ago all the time reminding everyone it was “my birthday in 14 days.” I was so extra.

How’s everyone doing? Is everyone settling into the change of season? I recently got the worst cold, which I’m still recovering from… It’s the worst being sick & not having your mum by your side taking care of you. I took that for granted.

Seeing that I started the trend last month, I thought I would follow through with a monthly food guide. Below are my November picks!


121 Madison Ave #3
The prettiest, quaintest coffee shop I’ve been to this whole year. Live out your pink princess dreams!
♡: Rose Tea Latte, Pink Hummus Toast.



253 W 51st St
I recently did an interview with Bibble’s owner, Gary Chan. Click here to read it!
♡: Macarons, Lychee & Raspberry Tart, Mocha, Lavender Latte.



41 W 14th St
A newly opened cafe in the city, they have the prettiest desserts hands down. I went to LRoom for an event & can’t wait to go back for more!
♡: Rose Garden Egg Waffle, Lychee & Lavender Tea, Fantasy Honey Toast.

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